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Baking muffins on the trail

What the heck is a "Jack Stove" and why do I need one?
If you spend time in the outdoors then this is for you. If you don't, then this is a great gift for someone who does.
The Jack Stove Cook Set is a purpose built cook set with the outdoors in mind. 
  • You can keep the whole cook set in your saddlebag for making hot drinks while waiting out a storm under an overpass or making a quick meal between gas stops.
  • Take it ice fishing and make hot soup while waiting for that next big catch.
  • Take it camping and use it as a light weight cook set for 2.
  • Take it backpacking and cook all of your freezer bag meals.
  • Keep it in your emergency preparedness kit for boiling and sterilizing water.
The Jack Stove Cook Set is a complete multi-purpose cook set that meets the needs of many different outdoor activities. You can carry it as a complete set or tailor it to your specific needs.

  • The Jack Stove is an aluminum dual-walled, low pressure stove with a 3oz fuel capacity. It burns denatured alcohol, methanol, (yellow Heet) , and grain alcohol (Everclear). This means fuel is inexpensive and easily acquired at most gas stations, hardware and liquor stores. It burns for over 9 minutes on one ounce of fuel and boils 2 cups of water in just over 7 minutes. It is sturdily built and is complete with a corrugated aluminum windscreen and primer pan for quick starts and consistent burn times. It works well with small/medium cook pots such as Heineken pots or the Snow Peak 600. The best part is that there are no moving parts to break and no o-rings or seals to go bad. 
  • The cook set contains a 48oz stainless steel cook pot, an 8oz stainless steel cup and a 32oz BPA free Ziploc storage container that are all durable and easy to clean. 
  • You also get 2 5oz leak-proof bottles with flip-top caps that can be used for fuel or cooking oils.
  • Another feature is the Copco jar opener which works wonderfully as both a pot grabber and a lid for any cup or cook pot up to 4" diameter.
  • All of this is packaged together in a durable 300 denier nylon stuff sack with the 2jollyrogers logo on the front.