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Who is this guy?

I suppose I should tell you a little about myself...

My name is Jason Rogers. I live in Iowa with my wonderful wife and my dog, Babe, (hereafter referred to as concentrated evil).

I have traveled my fair share and have always had a love of adventure and a thirst for knowledge. Some kind of inner "fix-it" fixation, I guess.
Jack of all trades, master of none. I have worked more jobs in more places doing more things than I will ever be able to recite at one time. 
Here are just a few: Combat medic, telecommunications admin, plumber, handyman, ditch digger, sport fisherman, cook, cable guy, pizza guy, life guard, bouncer, junk-mail sorter, waiter, auto parts manager, facilities maintenance guy, maintenance supervisor, tub supervisor, bar back, DJ, car detailer, merchandise handler, mail clerk, electricians apprentice... you get the idea.

I would say one of the most meaningful jobs I ever had was as a Hospital Corpsman in the US Navy. I never served on a ship. I spent my entire enlistment with the Marines as a combat medic. To this day, many of my friends still call me "Doc".

The "2" in 2JollyRogers represents my wife, Gina, and I. We are partners in just about everything including this website and my recent effort to put a Jack Stove cook set in every household. (Well, partners in the sense that I really want to do things and that she sometimes lets me do them.)

So in my travels I have gathered quite a bit of knowledge and experience that by itself is nothing too remarkable, but when you combine all of it into 1 person, it can be really handy... or sometimes, really annoying.

So this is just my little piece of the ether where I can share some of my experiences and hopefully save some others the hassle of trial and error.  

I have just 2 pieces of advice when it comes to this web site:

I'll try to provide links to things I think are good deals or good information... click on them!

If you like something that I am selling... BUY IT! (I have concentrated evil to feed)

If you have questions or just want to leave some feedback feel free to e-mail me at doc@2jollyrogers.com

Thanks for looking,

Jason "Doc" Rogers

Slaying "THE DRAGON" Deals Gap, NC

 At the Chattanooga Choo-Choo... Chattanooga, TN
"I thought it would be bigger..."
Pecos Wilderness - New Mexico

Lake Tahoe - Who knew "Mackinaw" meant 
"Fat guy holding a fish?"

"Blame it on the red cowboy boots!"